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Real-World Programming With PHP 5

Real-World Programming With PHP 5, Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

PHP has become the most popular server-side programming language for building web applications and is currently in use on more than 75% of all web servers. As of the release of PHP5, it has matured into a sophisticated language with advanced object-oriented capabilities. This course will take you through the basics of PHP, all the way through to its most advanced features. Author John Fontana demonstrates practical knowledge that can be applied to everyday programming tasks in the real world.

Add a new programming language to your mix and be equipped with new found knowledge!

- Learn from the basics to the advacned features of PHP
- Learn how PHP plays a big role in developing pages and applications
- Find out more about the purpose of PHP in development
- Take this chnace to improve your PHP knowledge and application of the language

Course Objectives

1. Understand the introduction to PHP 
2. Know and understand the basics of PHP
3. Understand the relationship between PHP and MySQL
4. Understand the relationship between PHP and OOP
5. Able to apply PHP into projects 
6. Know about the updated features in PHP 5 

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What This Course Will Cover


What You Will Need

Setting Up a Work Environment

Getting Started

Preview Available


Naming Conventions

Avoiding Common Problems

Formatting Your Code

PHP Essentials


String Variables

Numeric Variables

Boolean Variables & Comparison Operators

Conditional Statements



Built-in Functions

Creating Your Own Functions

Special Variables









Relational Database Design


SQL INSERT Statement

SQL Update & Delete

Object Oriented PHP


Objects & Classes

Methods & Properties


Magic Methods - Constructor/Destructor

More Magic Methods

Access Modifiers

Method Chaining

The Static Keyword

Practical Example


Setting Up a Workspace

Using the Database Class

New in PHP5


New Object-Oriented Features pt. 1

New Object-Oriented Features pt. 2

New Extensions in PHP5

What Else Is New in PHP5?



What is MVC?




Design Patterns pt. 1

Design Patterns Pt. 2

PHP Frameworks



Codeigniter Setup

Creating a Codeigniter Application pt. 1

Creating a Codeigniter Application pt. 2



Zend Framework

Useful Technologies


Object Relational Modeling (ORM)

Template Systems

Image Manipulation

Revision Control Systems

Third-Party Solutions



OSCommerce & Zen Cart





CKEditor & TinyMCE

Learning Management

Project Management

Customer Relationship Management


Enterprise Resource Planning



AJAX Basic Overview



Other JavaScript Frameworks

Planning a Project


Determining Requirements

Client Communication

Developing a Workflow


Security Considerations


Types of Hosting




Rapid Application Development



Codecharge Studio




Wrapping Up

Resource Files

Areas to Explore




About the Author

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