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Take Up a Crash Course on JavaScript (1.8.5)

Take Up a Crash Course on JavaScript (1.8.5), Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

JavaScript is a simple, dynamic, object-orientated programming language. Its client-side interaction gives JavaScript broad appeal. If you have surfed the net you have seen JavaScript in action. In this VTC course, author Geoff Armstrong takes you step by step through this widely used programming language. The course starts at a beginner level and uses practical examples supported with full source code to get you up and running in no time!

Pick up a new programming language into the mix of new skills!

- Pick up a new programming language
- Increase your employability with an extra language under your belt
- Learn how the different languages work to develop web site and applications
- Be able to create cutting edge applications with this course

Course Objectives

1. Understand the basics of JavaScript
2. Know the fundamentals of programming 
3. Understand the advanced levels of programming in JavaScript
4. Able to apply codes into projects
5. Understand the advanced skills of JavaScript 

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The Basics

Preview Available


Course Overview

Setting Up

Basic HTML

Introduction to Writing JavaScript

Wrap Up

Writing JavaScript

Preview Available


Statements and Comments


Operators pt. 1

Operators pt. 2


Wrap Up

Using JavaScript


If / Else



Try Catch

Wrap Up

Advanced JavaScript


Introduction to Objects

JavaScript String Object

JavaScript Date Object

JavaScript Arrays

JavaScript Boolean

JavaScript Math

JavaScript Browser Detection

JavaScript and Cookies

JavaScript and Timing

JavaScript and Create Object

Putting It All Together

Wrap Up

Visual JavaScript


Introduction to Visual JavaScript


Mouse Over Sound Effects


Text Effects

Status Bar

Special Effects

Rollover Effects

Image Effects


Putting It All Together

Wrap Up

Menu Bars and Navigation


Introduction to Menu Bars

Vertical Menu

Horizontal Menu

Tree View Menu

Two Level Menu

3D Menu

Accordion Menu

Multi Tier menu

Tab Menu

Other Menu

Putting It All Together pt. 1

Putting It All Together pt. 2

Wrap Up

Clocks and Calendars


Introduction to Clocks and Calendars

Alarm Clock

Weeks and Days

Clocks and Images pt. 1

Clocks and Images pt. 2

Developing a World Clock

Developing a Calendar

Advanced Calendar pt. 1

Advanced Calendar pt. 2

Date and Time Pickers pt. 1

Date and Time Pickers pt. 2

Count Down

Wrap Up

Content Management and JavaScript


Introduction to Content Management

Content Management Tabs

Combo Box pt. 1

Combo Box pt. 2

Email Validators

Form Validators

More Validators

Table Sorting pt. 1

Table Sorting pt. 2

Table Filters pt. 1

Table Filters pt. 2

Table Filters pt. 3

Additional Functions pt. 1

Additional Functions pt. 2

Wrap Up



Course Wrap Up



About the Author

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