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Cubase 8

Cubase 8, Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

Steinberg's Cubase Elements 8 is their entry level, professional digital audio workstation. It contains all the aspiring musician and mix engineer requires to get started with audio and midi recording compositions. This VTC course covers installation issues and preference setting before moving on to connecting the program to a relevant soundcard. As the course progresses, functions such as creating busses and the implementation of the inspector are looked at prior to focusing on building a project.

Learn how to work with audio files with Cubase 8.

- Know how Cubase 8 handles audio files
- Learn how to edit your own audio files with Cubase 8
- Discover the potential of Cubase 8 with your audio files
- Master audio editing with all the right tools and techniques in Cubase 8

Course Objectives

1. Understand the introduction to Cubase 8 
2. Know how to navigate the interface of Cubase 8
3. Know the different tools used in Avid Media Composer 
4. Know how to effectively apply the features of Cubases 8 into your projects 

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Preview Available



Steinberg Hub


Introducing Preferences

Further Preferences

Fast Written Help

Introducing Projects

Identifying Track Types

System Requirements

Viewing Windows



Activating Windows

Cubase Differences

Drivers and Connections

ASIO Explanation

Help Options

Getting Started


Creating Busses

Creating Templates

user Interface pt 1

User Interface pt 2

Inspector Overview

Inspector Panels

Strip and EQ

Equalizers Sends and Other Panels

Midi Inspector and Send Effects

Track Position and Presets

Project Development


Track Views

Midi Track Controls

Tool Bar

Further Tool Bar Buttons

Adapting the Inspector

Adapting the UI

Transport Panel

Virtual Keyboard

VSTi Introduction

VSTi Playback

Project Start


Introducing the Pool

Further Pool Functions

Updating Cubase

Using Locators

Importing Midi Files

Auditioning Midi Files

Blending Midi and Audio

Convert Midi to Audio

Drag and Drop

Midi Editors

Key Editor

Drum Editor

Midi Drum Editor

Drum Editor Recap

Multiple Editors

Moving Forward


Switching a VSTi

Assessing Tracks

Introducing Quantization

Creating Quantize Presets

Driving A Drum Machine

Iterative Quantization

Audio Quantization

Groove Agent SE

Mixing Groove Agent

Introducing Drum Maps


Remodelling Drum Maps

Automatic Drum Mapping

Creating Beats pt 1

Creating Beats pt 2

Project Building


Positioning Audio

Trimming and Cutting

Repeating Audio

Recording Audio

Recording Midi

Adding Markers

Track Pictures

Optimising Vocals

Using Fades

Normalising Audio

Effective Projects


Introducing Compression

Doubling Compression

Multiband Compression

Limiter Compression


Using Reverb

Send Effects

Mixer View

Channel Strip

Final Mix

Wrap Up

Resource Files

Wrap Up

Author Profile


Author Profile

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