Discover Hidden Secrets of Microsoft Excel 2013

  • Discover Hidden Secrets of Microsoft Excel 2013, Singapore elarning online course
  • Discover Hidden Secrets of Microsoft Excel 2013, Singapore elarning online course
  • Discover Hidden Secrets of Microsoft Excel 2013, Singapore elarning online course
  • Discover Hidden Secrets of Microsoft Excel 2013, Singapore elarning online course
  • Discover Hidden Secrets of Microsoft Excel 2013, Singapore elarning online course
  • Discover Hidden Secrets of Microsoft Excel 2013, Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

This VTC course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to get the most out of Microsoft Excel 2013. You will learn about the Excel interface by working in it. You will create and format worksheets, make calculations, create charts, and use tools to analyze data in meaningful ways. Author Helen Bradley teaches Excel from a business perspective, focusing on tools that maximize productivity and accuracy. She demonstrates how to design worksheets intelligently and then shows you how to check for accuracy to ensure that worksheets return correct results. She also covers automating data entry, testing formulas, and using PivotTables for data analysis. She concludes with a discussion of SkyDrive and the Excel WebApp.

Find out more about Microsoft's productivity tools!

- Learn and understand the purpose of Microsoft's tools
- Know more about the functionality and features of each application
- Learn about functions that you never knew existed in Microsoft's tools
- Be fluent and an efficient user in Microsoft tools by the end of this course

Course Objectives

1. Know and understand the basics of Microsoft Excel 
2. Know how to navigate the interface and tool panel in Microsoft Excel 
3. Able to apply the basic steps such as - Creating a Workbook, Working in a Workbook
4. Understand the basic formulas available and be able to apply them into projects 
5. Able to work with charts, images and art in Microsoft Excel 
6. Understand about PivotTable and working with big data in Excel
7. Know how to navigate Excel when working with Spreadsheet Design 

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Excel Basics

Preview Available


About Excel

Start Screen

Ribbon QAT and Status Bar

Backstage View

Menus / Mini Toolbar / Task Panes

Get Help

Getting Started


Open and Close a Workbook

Move Around in a Workbook

Save a Workbook

Work with Accounts in Excel

Create a New Workbook

Use an Excel Template

Entering Data


Enter Text and Headings

Enter Numbers

Enter Dates

AutoFill Dates

AutoFill Numbers

AutoFill Text

Create an AutoFill Series

Enter Hyperlinks

Rearranging a Worksheet


Size Columns and Rows

Insert & Delete Rows & Columns

Copy or Move Data

Copy or Move a Worksheet

Transpose Data

Basic Formulas & Functions

Preview Available


Using SUM and AutoSum

Doing Simple Math

Order of Operations

Calculating Averages

Quick Analysis - Totals

Adding & Subtracting Dates

Copy Formulas

Absolute & Relative Addressing

Naming Ranges

Calculating Using Names

Understanding Errors

Evaluating a Formula

Formatting a Worksheet


Format Numbers

Format Dates

Format with Color

Use Worksheet Themes

Add Borders

Conditional Formatting pt. 1

Conditional Formatting pt. 2

Borrow Table Formats

Create and Use Styles

Paint and Clear Formats

Creating Charts


Create a Chart

Add Chart Titles and Legends

Format a Chart pt. 1

Format a Chart pt. 2

Create a Pie Chart

Understanding Chart Types

Plot Data on Multiple Axes

Create Sparklines

Adding Art


ClipArt and Photos

Worksheet Backgrounds & Watermarks



More Complex Functions


Using IF to Make Calculations


Calculating with SUMPRODUCT

Random Numbers with RANDBETWEEN

Find and Use Functions

Building a Mortgage Calculator

Working with Tables


Create and Format a Table

Create a Chart of Table Data

Calculations in a Table

Use the Subtotal Function

Filter Table Data

Sort Data in a Table

Working with PivotTables


PivotTables Introduction

Create a PivotTable

Query a PivotTable

Use Slicers

Create a PivotChart

Working with Large Worksheets


Freeze Panes

Headers & Footers


Find & Replace

Manipulate Data with Flash Fill

Remove Duplicate Data

Advanced Tools & Techniques


Goal Seek

Create and Use a Watch Window

Create and Save a Template

Calculate Across Multiple Worksheets

Working with Comments

Use a Lookup Table pt. 1

Use a Lookup Table pt. 2

Import Data into Excel

Find Precedents and Dependents

Use Data Validation

Enter Data Using Data Validation

Work with Other Office Programs

Printing a Worksheet


Set Up a Worksheet for Printing

Shrink to Fit

Configure Printing Options

Print a Chart

Print a Selection

Print to PDF

Spreadsheet Design


Design Basics

Create a Data Area

Work with Multi-Sheet Workbooks

Protect a Worksheet

Error Checking and Testing

Spell Check and AutoCorrect

Automating with Macros


Understanding Macros

Record a Macro

Run a Macro

Explore the Visual Basic Editor

Working with Skydrive


SkyDrive Introduction

Save and Open SkyDrive Files

Work in the Excel Web App

How to Use SkyDrive


Resource Files

Course Wrap Up



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