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Know the Basics of Web Development with ASP.NET MVC

Know the Basics of Web Development with ASP.NET MVC, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course

Course Description

ASP.NET MVC is a web development framework for building web applications based on the Model-View-Controller architecture in Microsoft's ASP.NET framework. ASP.NET MVC brings a completely new development experience to ASP.NET. Developers now have more granular control over appliction operations and the ability to build web apps that are more modular and easy to maintain as the organization's web application evolves. ASP.NET MVC also provide the ability to do things like perform unit testing in a way that simply wasn't possible in the ASP.NET Web Forms environment. In this course, Mark Long will introduce you to the basics and concepts of web development with the ASP.NET MVC platform. You'll learn about things like the MVC pattern, routing, scaffolding, partial views, layouts, and more. If you would like to begin working with the ASP.NET MVC platform or if you would like to take a look at it to determine if it is a useful option for your future web application develepment, this course is for you.

Know what goes behind a web page development.

- Learn more than just coding when it comes to web development
- Know about the technical side of web development
- Be equipped with the right tools before developing web pages
- Increase your employabilty with this course

This course is SkillsFuture Credit Eligible.

Course Objectives

1. Understand about the purpose of ASP.NET MVC
2. Able to set up and configure software 
3. Know how to navigate the interface of each software 
4. Understand the basics of MVC, models and views, controllers
5. Be able to work with basic forms and helpers
6. Know how to create a user experience for web pages 

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Welcome and Intro

Preview Available



Course Overview

ASP.NET Options


Microsoft Certifications

Getting Set Up

Preview Available


Getting Visual Studio Express

System Requirements

Installing VSE 2013 Web

Visual Studio Tour

Project Options

Build, Rebuild or Clean

MVC Basics


The MVC Pattern



Your First MVC Page

Understanding Controllers pt. 1

Understanding Controllers pt. 2

Convention Over Configuration

Convention Over Configuration Advantages

Understanding Views

About Debugging

Understanding Models



Controller Basics

Controllers and Routing

Controller Actions pt. 1

Controller Actions pt. 2

Non-Action Methods

Controller Action Parameters pt. 1

Controller Action Parameters pt. 2

Creating A Controller pt. 1

Creating A Controller pt. 2

Models and Views


View Basics

View Conventions pt. 1

View Conventions pt. 2

Creating a View

Creating a Model

Strongly Typed Views pt. 1

Strongly Typed Views pt. 2

Understanding ViewBag

ViewBag Example pt. 1

ViewBag Example pt. 2

Understanding ViewData

ViewData Example pt. 1

ViewData Example pt. 2

Using a Dynamic Type to Pass Data pt. 1

Using a Dynamic Type to Pass Data pt. 2

Partial Views

Partial View Example pt. 1

Partial View Example pt. 2

Strongly Typed Partial View Example pt. 1

Strongly Typed Partial View Example pt. 2



Understanding Scaffolding

Scaffolding Example pt. 1

Scaffolding Example pt. 2

Entity Framework Basics

Working with Forms and Helpers


Forms Basics

Action and Method Attributes


Understanding HTML Helpers

HTML Helpers Demo


Helpers and Data pt. 1

Helpers and Data pt. 2

Strongly Typed Helpers

Strongly Typed Helpers Example pt. 1

Strongly Typed Helpers Example pt. 2

Understanding Lambda Expressions

User Experience



Understanding Razor

Razor Code Expressions

Razor Code Examples pt. 1

Razor Code Examples pt. 2

Understanding Layouts

Layout Convention

Applying Layouts pt. 1

Applying Layouts pt. 2

Creating and Applying a Layout pt. 1

Creating and Applying a Layout pt. 2

HTML Formatting Challenges

Understanding CSS pt. 1

Understanding CSS pt. 2



Routing Basics

Attribute Routing pt. 1

Attribute Routing pt. 2

Attribute Routing Examples



What is NuGet?

Working with Packages

Course Wrap Up


Course Wrap Up

About the Author


About the Author

SkillsFuture Credit Eligible
SGD $40.00
(Price excludes GST)
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