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Java Mobile Android Sensors Apps

Java Mobile Android Sensors Apps, Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

Android is an open source mobile device platform created by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. Android powers smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, TVs, and more. This course is designed to introduce you to Android Development with Sensors. In this course you will learn more advanced Android programming and also learn how to Develop Complete Apps. You will learn about user interface development with different layouts. We will cover the Android UI components and demonstrate interaction between screens, activities, and entire applications. We will learn about using Sensors with Android. We will develop complete Applications Using Sensors for sophisticated user interaction, we will use the Light Sensor, the Orientation Sensor, and the Geofence Functionality, and much more. You will also learn to build full fledged apps that are complex and provide many features to a user.

Pick up a new programming language into the mix of new skills!

- Learn a new programming language
- Increase your employability with an extra language under your belt
- Learn how the different languages work to develop web site and applications
- Be able to create cutting edge applications with this course

Course Objectives

1. Understand coding applications with android 
2. Know the fundamentals of programming with Android 
3. Understand the Android UI Components in developing applications
4. Able to apply codes into projects
5. Understand how to apply sensors in applications

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Course Overview

Light Sensor

Preview Available


Light Sensor Setup

Light Sensor Acitivity part 1

Light Sensor Acitivity part 2

Light Sensor Acitivity part 3

Talking Orientation App

Preview Available


Talking Orientation Setup part 1

Talking Orientation Setup part 2

Talking Orientation Setup part 3

Talking Orientation Layout part 1

Talking Orientation Layout part 2

Talking Orientation Layout part 3

Talking Orientation Layout part 4

Speech Interface

Talking Orientation Activity Setup

Broadcast Receiver

Speech Initialize part 1

Speech Initialize part 2

Speech Initialize part 3

Speech Initialize part 4

Speech Initialize part 5

SpeechValidateReceiver part 1

SpeechValidateReceiver part 2

SpeechValidateReceiver part 3

SpeechValidateReceiver part 4

Speech Listener part 1

Speech Listener part 2

Recognize Speech

Results Recognition

Language Details

Speech Available

Get Speech Recognition

On Pause

Receive Results

Activity Result

Voice Recognition

App Review

Direct Speech

Text Speech Listener

Data Pending

Set Text Speech Listener

Text Speech Listener

Initialization Successful

Sensor Selector

Sensor Selected

Face Up Face Down

Determine Orientation

Generate Rotation Matrix

Sensor Changed part 1

Sensor Changed part 2

onCreate part 1

onCreate part 2



Proximity Setup part 3

Proximity Setup part 4

Proximity Notification

Proximity Activity part 1

Proximity Activity part 2

Proximity Activity part 3

Proximity Main Activity Setup

Proximity Draw Marker

Proximity Draw Circle

Proximity Service Check

Proximity Location

Proximity Listener part 1

Proximity Listener part 2

Proximity Configure

Proximity Setup part 1

Proximity Setup part 2



Geofencing Setup part 1

Geofencing Setup part 2

Geofencing Service

Geofencing Location Service part 1

Geofencing Location Service part 2

Geofencing Location Service part 3

Geofencing Location Service part 4

Geofencing Recognition part 1

Geofencing Recognition part 2

Geofencing Recognition part 3

Geofencing Activity

Wrap Up


Conclusion / Summary



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