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FileMaker Pro 12: Beginner

FileMaker Pro 12: Beginner, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course

Course Description

FileMaker Pro is powerful enough to handle most database jobs yet easy enough to create simple solutions in minutes. This practical ’how to’ course by FileMaker expert John Mark Osborne starts from beginner level and uses a single invoicing example to demonstrate all the features in FileMaker Pro 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 10, 11 and 12 including: field creation, finding, sorting, layout mode, container fields, auto-entry, validation, printing, scripts, calculations, importing, exporting, interface design and new FileMaker Pro 12 features including charting, snapshot links and the inspector. Examples of the invoice file are provided at every stage of the creation process so the user can easily review one section without starting from the beginning.

Discover how data can be managed efficiently.

- Find out how you can manage your database
- Learn ways to fully utilize your data's potential
- Know how queries can be implemented to run the data better
- Understand an effective solution to optimize your database's productivity

This course is SkillsFuture Credit Eligible.

Course Objectives

1. Understand the introduction to FileMaker 
2. Know how to navigate the interface of FileMaker 
3. Know how to create, manage and edit a database
4. Know how to cusotmized functions to the database

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About John Mark Osborne

System Requirements

FileMaker 12 Family of Products

About the Tutorial Series pt. 1

About the Tutorial Series pt. 2

Why an Invoicing Solution?

Work Files

Locked Files


What is a Database? pt. 1

What is a Database? pt. 2

Planning Your Solution

New FileMaker 12 Features Overview

New FileMaker 12 Functions

New FileMaker 12 Scripts

New Filemaker 12 Charting

New FileMaker 12 Layout

Creating a Database


Quick Start

New Empty File

Creating Fields

Housekeeping Fields pt. 1

Housekeeping Fields pt. 2

Adding Fields to a Layout

Modifying and Organizing Fields

Other Tabs

Working with the Database


Data Entry

Importing Data pt. 1

Importing Data pt. 2

Status Toolbar

Customizing the Status Toolbar

The Four Modes

Records Menu pt. 1

Records Menu pt. 2

Previewing Pages

New Layout pt. 1

New Layout pt. 2

Table View

Schema from Table View

Finding and Sorting


Basic Find

How the Index Works

New Requests

Range Finds


The Rest of the Operators

Found Sets without Find Mode

Constrain & Extend

Sorting Records

New Window

Quick Find

Save Find Requests

Snapshot Links

Layouts Beginner


Status Toolbar pt. 1

Status Toolbar pt. 2

Arrow Tool

Field Tool

Text Tool

Working with Text pt. 1

Working with Text pt. 2

Line Tool

Rectangles & Ovals

More with Text Blocks

Layouts Intermediate

Resource Files

Tab Control pt. 1

Tab Control pt. 2


Field Control

Value Lists pt. 1

Value Lists pt. 2

Explicit Layout Size

Parts Overview

Adding & Modifying Parts

Layouts Menu pt. 1

Layouts Menu pt. 2

Format Menu

Layouts Advanced

Preview Available


Arrange Menu

View Menu

Inspector Basics

Inspector - Position Tab

Inspector - Appearance Tab pt. 1

Inspector - Appearance Tab pt. 2

Inspector - Data Tab

Insert Menu

Positioning Objects Precisely

Other Tools pt. 1

Other Tools pt. 2

Working with Container Fields


Creating Container Fields

Inserting a Picture

Inserting a PDF

Interactive Files

External Files

Insert Other Files

Other Insert Items



Serial Numbers pt. 1

Serial Numbers pt. 2

Value from Last Visited

Calculated Auto-Enter pt. 1

Calculated Auto-Enter pt. 2

Lookups pt. 1

Lookups pt. 2




Strict Data Type

Not Empty/Unique and Existing


Calculated Validations

Customizing Messages

Always vs. Data Entry



Layout Assistant

Printing Philosophy

Creating a Print Layout

Contact List

Print Options


Adjusting Labels

Merge Letters

More Merge Letters

Sliding Objects


Building a Report

Viewing a Report

Summarizing a Report

Varying a Report

Improved Contact List pt. 1

Improved Contact List pt. 2

Quick Charts

Charting in Reports

Scripting and Calculations


Definition of a Script

Basic Script

Script Steps with Depth

Evil Script Steps

Activating Scripts

Definition of a Calculation

Basic Calculation

Layout Navigation

Record Navigation

More Scripts

Manage Scripts

Deleting a Record

Printing a Layout

Open Script

Open Script Considerations

Close Script

Recreate the Status Toolbar

Case vs. If

Billing or Shipping Labels

Fixing the Label Calculation

Age Display

Birthdays Find

Importing and Exporting


Import and Export Defined

Importing FileMaker Files

Updating FileMaker Files

Importing a Folder

Exporting Files

Group By

Export to HTML

Importing Schema

Miscellanneous Features


Global Fields Defined

Custom Report Title

Multi-User Global Fields

Repeating Fields


Spell Checking


Send Email


Tab Order

Working with John Mark Osborne


Free Resources


Consulting and Meta-Consulting


Contacting Me

SkillsFuture Credit Eligible
SGD $80.00
(Price excludes GST)
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