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Strategize with Service Oriented Architecture

Strategize with Service Oriented Architecture, Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

This training has been created to provide you with relevant and important information concerning SOA: Service Orientated Architecture. During this training we will be concentrating on the main points of applying design strategies to a service orientated architecture. You will also learn all there is to know about SOA, how to design and apply the best principles, tips and techniques with detailed practices and principles. We will also be covering various aspects of legacy systems and applications, providing information on security, and appropriate governance with clear details to help you achieve success with SOA, including the design and creation of services for implementation within your enterprise. By the end of this training you will have a high level overview of the benefits of SOA, how to design and implement SOA in your business today. Very little is discussed regarding APIs or code unless used to display the implications of certain technologies and standards. This is a technical training, which is focused on architects, designers, business analysts, IT managers and executives.

Achieve success with Service Oriented Architecture.

- Know how to align your business strategy
- Identify what sort of strategy your business needs to strive
- Learn how strategies can help bring your business to greater heights
- Know the benefits of Service Oriented Architecture

Course Objectives

1. Understand the introduction to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
2. Know the purpose of implementing SOA into business strategy
3. Able to navigate the interface and tools of SOA 
4. Know what business strategy applies to which aspect accordingly

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Welcome to SOA

Preview Available



SOA Introduction

Course Terminology A

Course Terminology B

What is SOA

Who is SOA for?

The Promise of SOA


What History Tells Us


What We Learn



SOA Fundamentals



SOA Architecture

Service Aspects

SOA Services

Service Definitions

Loose Coupling

Service Patterns

Service Types

SOA Business

Getting Started


SOA Reference

Reference Architectures

Minimum Architecture

Architecture Designs

Information Design

Service Specifications

Service Realization

Service Design Process

Service Design – Top Down

Service Design – Bottom Up

Service Design – Middle Out

Process Phase

Practical Steps

Business Beginnings


Business Architecture A

Business Architecture B

Value Chain A

Value Chain B

Business Motivation


Business and IT Alignment

Business Process Models A

Business Process Models B

Business Process and SOA

Business Process Creation A

Business Process Creation B

Service Organisation


Service Inventory

Common Semantics


Importance of Semantics

Objects, Classes, Attributes


Type Definition

Definition Types



Structure Information


Structured Models


Information Model Adaption


XML Schema


XML Patterns

SOA Architect


Resource Files

SOA Part Two

Training Content


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