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Master Apache Struts and Create Java Web Applications

Master Apache Struts and Create Java Web Applications , Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

Struts is the most used Java Web Application Framework. During this VTC course, you will create MVC-based Java web applications using Struts. You will learn how to implement best practices in web application development through the use of the Struts architecture. Author David Saenz will demonstrate how to develop and deploy applications to the Struts architecture using the JSP tag libraries to declaratively create pages with minimal coding. He will show you how to use internationalization (il8n) to communicate globally, validate user input efficiently, and implement various security techniques to secure your application. This course also covers Struts 2 MVC framework for creating elegant, modern Java web applications; it favors convention over configuration, is extensible using a plugin architecture, and ships with plugins to support REST, AJAX, and JSON.

Pick up a new programming language into the mix of new skills!

- Pick up a new programming language
- Increase your employability with an extra language under your belt
- Learn how the different languages work to develop web site and applications
- Be able to create cutting edge applications with this course

Course Objectives

1. Understand the basics of Struts 
2. Able to build HTML forms with Struts 
3. Understand how AJAX, JDBC works with Struts
4. Able to apply codes into projects
5. Know the differences in Struts 2 

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Course Overview

Struts Deployment

Directory Structure of Struts Application

Deploy and Access Struts Application

Struts Development

Preview Available


Defining ActionMapping

Developing the FormBean

Developing the Action Class

Developing Business Logic

Struts Action Mappings


Navigation with Struts

DispatchAction Example pt. 1

DispatchAction Example pt. 2

DispatchAction Example pt. 3

MappingDispatchAction Example pt. 1

MappingDispatchAction Example pt. 2

MappingDispatchAction Example pt. 3

LookupDispatchAction Example pt. 1

LookupDispatchAction Example pt. 2

LookupDispatchAction Example pt. 3

Global Forwards

Declarative Exception Handling

Global Exception Handlers pt. 1

Global Exception Handlers pt. 2

Struts Forms


Working with HTML Forms

Action Forms (Form Beans) pt. 1

Action Forms (Form Beans) pt. 2

Action Forms (Form Beans) pt. 3

DynaActionForm pt. 1

DynaActionForm pt. 2

DynaActionForm pt. 3

Map-Backed Forms pt. 1

Map-Backed Forms pt. 2

Map-Backed Forms pt. 3


Coarse-Grained Form Beans pt. 1

Coarse-Grained Form Beans pt. 2

Coarse-Grained Form Beans pt. 3

Struts Input Validation


The Validator Framework

Validation Flow with Struts

The Struts Validator Plug-In

validation-rules.xml (Global Rules File)

validation.xml (Application-Specific Rules File)

Basic Validators


maxLength and minLength Validator


creditCard and emailValidator

Multi-Page Validation pt. 1

Multi-Page Validation pt. 2

Client-Side Validation

AJAX and Struts



XMLHttpRequest Object

XML Intro and Review

XPATH Intro and Review

Ajax and Struts Example pt. 1

Ajax and Struts Example pt. 2

Ajax and Struts Example pt. 3

JDBC and Struts


Accessing JDBC Data Sources from an Action

Displaying Relational Data

CRUD with Struts Example pt. 1 - Setup

CRUD with Struts Example pt. 2 - Create

CRUD with Struts Example pt. 3 - Read

CRUD with Struts Example pt. 4 - UPDATE

CRUD with Struts Example pt. 5 - DELETE

CRUD with Struts Example pt. 6 - SEARCH

CRUD with Struts Example pt. 7 - JSP Create

CRUD with Struts Example pt. 8 - JSP Read

CRUD with Struts Example pt. 9 - JSP Update

CRUD with Struts Example pt. 10 - JSP Delete

CRUD with Struts Example pt. 11 - JSP Search

CRUD with Struts Example pt. 12 - Create DAO

CRUD with Struts Example pt. 13 - Read DAO

CRUD with Struts Example pt. 14 - Update DAO

CRUD with Struts Example pt. 15 - Delete DAO

CRUD with Struts Example pt. 16 - Search DAO

CRUD with Struts Example pt. 17 - Wrap Up

Security and Struts


Securing Actions Using a Base Action

Checking for User Login on Any Struts Request

Securing a JSP Page

Restricting Actions by Role

Implementing rememberMe Logins

Ensuring Security Across Entire Application

Allowing a User to Log in Automatically

Limiting Access for Specific URLs by Role

Letting the Container Manage Security

Configuring Actions to Require SSL

Limiting the Size of Uploaded Files

Hello to Struts 2


Project Structure of Struts 2 Application

Struts 2 Deployment Preparation Web.xml

Struts.xml Configuration

Action Implementation

Hello World with Struts 2

Struts 2 and AngularJS


Struts 2 and AngularJS pt. 1

Struts 2 and AngularJS pt. 2

Struts 2 and AngularJS pt. 3


Resource Files

Course Wrap Up



About the Author

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