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Photoshop Skill Builder Workshop (FREE)

  • Photoshop Skill Builder Workshop (FREE), Singapore elarning online course
  • Photoshop Skill Builder Workshop (FREE), Singapore elarning online course
  • Photoshop Skill Builder Workshop (FREE), Singapore elarning online course
  • Photoshop Skill Builder Workshop (FREE), Singapore elarning online course
  • Photoshop Skill Builder Workshop (FREE), Singapore elarning online course
  • Photoshop Skill Builder Workshop (FREE), Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

Learn how you can push your Photoshop skills even further! Lead by award-winning trainer Geoff Blake, you’ll discover a handful of techniques for creating stunning black and white images, use Layer Effects to create eye-popping effects, how to build a grid layout for your next web project, and how to non-destructively dodge and burn your images to help make their shadows and highlights pop!

Learn how to effectively make your images POP with some Photoshop magic!

- Learn the techniques and tools of Photoshop
- Know how to apply the tools and techniques
- Learn how to create dynamic and beautiful photographs
- Learn the secrets of Photoshop and use it to your advantage

Course Objectives

1. Understanding Photoshop
2. How to bring out the best in your photos with black/white shading or using eye-popping effects
3. Understanding layers and how to do non-destructive dodging and burning to create special effects
4. Use your mastered skills to build a custom web layout

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Photoshop Skill - Builder Workshop


Welcome To The Skill Builder Workshop

Methods For Creating Stunning Black And White Photography

Using Layer Effects To Create A Glowing Neon Sign

Non-Destructive Dodging And Burning

Building A Custom Web Layout Grid System

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