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Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks Online, Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

Acquire the skills that are in high demand by learning to use the popular QuickBooks Online accounting solution for small and midsized businesses. Lauri Sowa shares tips and examples from her extensive experience with QuickBooks that makes it easy to navigate this new world of accounting on the cloud. Lauri shares tips and examples as well as the variations with prior editions. Learn how this online version works and how it can help manage your business. Discover how easy it is to complete your data entry, reconcile your checking account, track your payables, and generate reports. Take advantage of all the benefits the cloud can provide for you. As you master the basics, you'll also learn how to deal with tricky situations and troubleshoot complicated entries. Seasoned users will understand the changes over past editions; beginners will master the world of QuickBooks.

As you master the basics, you'll learn how to deal with tricky situations.

- Learn how to tackle your accounts with QuickBooks
- Know how you can avoid tricky accounting conflicts
- Take advantage of the cloud-based platform for your accounts

Course Objectives

1. Understand the basics of accounting in QuickBooks 
2. Understand the financial theories 
3. Know the features of QuickBooks
4. Know how to apply QuickBooks tools such as - charting accounts, sales tax, recording sales 

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About this Tutorial

Preview Available


What Is QuickBooks Online?

Our Agenda

The Sample Company

Understanding Financials

Preview Available


Overview of Financials

Balance Sheet

Income Statement

Statement of Cash Flow

Recap of Questions Answered

Setting Up Your Company


Navigating QB Online

Adjusting Company Preferences

The Work Files

Setting up your Chart of Accounts


The Chart of Accounts

Creating Accounts and Subaccounts

Inactive Accounts

General Journal Entries

Double Entry Accounting

The Centers


Overview of the Centers

The Customer Center

Creating a New Customer

New Customer Continued

The Vendor Center

The Employee Center

Recording Sales


The Sales Process

Sales Receipts

Depositing Receipts


Payments and Recurring Invoices

Other Customer Services



Estimate Reports and Modifications

Interest and Delayed Charges

Customer Statements

Entering Purchase Orders



Entering a Purchase Order and Bill

Sales Tax


Overview of Sales Tax

Setting Up Customers and Items

Establishing Rates and Agencies

Reports and Payments

Multiple ways of paying vendors


Write a Check

Entering Bills

Paying Bills

Billing Expenses to Customers

Imports and Exports


Importing and Uploading Transactions

Importing Desktop Data

Exporting Reports to Excel

Navigating Transactions


Recent Transactions and Search

Transation History

Audit Logs

QuickBooks Reports


Overview of Reports

Customizing Reports

Management Reports

My Custom Reports

Designing Forms


Templates for Invoices

Customizing Invoice

Using Word with QBO

Reconciling your Bank Statement


Check Register and Overview


Online Banking

Security Tasks


Pop up Blockers

Managing Users

Special Transactions



Budgeting Continued

Other Transactions

More Concepts


QuickBooks Labs and Company Settings

TimeSheet Transactions

Shortcuts and Tips

In Closing


Thoughts for Past QB Users

About the Author

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