Produce Compelling Content with Maxon Cinema 4D R15

  • Produce Compelling Content with Maxon Cinema 4D R15, Singapore elarning online course
  • Produce Compelling Content with Maxon Cinema 4D R15, Singapore elarning online course
  • Produce Compelling Content with Maxon Cinema 4D R15, Singapore elarning online course
  • Produce Compelling Content with Maxon Cinema 4D R15, Singapore elarning online course
  • Produce Compelling Content with Maxon Cinema 4D R15, Singapore elarning online course
  • Produce Compelling Content with Maxon Cinema 4D R15, Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

Maxon Cinema 4D, one of the leading 3D content creation applications, provides users the power to create compelling models and animations. Now with improved MoText typography controls, an enhanced bevel system, more accurate render engine, and more powerful sculpting toolset, this version, R15, can handle any task you need for your workflow. In this VTC course, you will learn how to navigate the interface and 3D space, create and sculpt 3D objects, paint and apply textures onto UV maps, work with spline and MoText typography, create and use lights and cameras, and how to build basic animations and deformations. And much more! Longtime author and professional animator, Dwayne Ferguson (Mutant League TV series), will really show you how to utilize this program to its full advantage.

Produce compelling content with Maxon Cinema.

- Learn how to create dynamic 3D content
- Know how to utilize the tools of Maxon Cinema
- Pick up the necessary skills for better model production
- Learn how to create basic animations with Maxon Cinema

Course Objectives

1. Understand the introduction to Maxon Cinema 
2. Able to navigate the interface of Maxon Cinema 
3. Know and understand the different element in creatung models
4. Understand the procees and methods of creating models
5. Able to apply skills such as - sculpting, deformation, materials

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Preview Available


Cinema 4D

Peripheral Tools



Preview Available



Object Manager

Attribute Manager

Texture Manager

Content Browser

3D Navigation

Selection Tools



The Hud





Parts of a Model

Primitive Objects

Polygon Modeling pt. 1

Extruding and Beveling

Polygon Modeling pt. 2

Knife and Loops

Spline Modeling pt. 1

Spline Modeling pt. 2

Text pt. 1

Text pt. 2


Subdivisions and Deformers






Deformers pt. 1

Deformers pt. 2

Simulation Systems







Materials pt. 1

Materials pt. 2


Toon Shader

Sketch Shader



Lights pt. 1

Lights pt. 2


Light Setup

Lighting Tool

MoGraph and Animation


MoGraph Tools






Sculpting Tools pt. 1

Sculpting Tools pt. 2

Sculpting pt. 1

Sculpting pt. 2



Render Settings pt. 1

Render Settings pt. 2

Depth of Field


Color Grading

Project: Arctic Bite Gum


Project Overview

Design Document


Arctic Bite Modeling


Project Overview

Modeling pt. 1

Modeling pt. 2

Modeling pt. 3

Modeling pt. 4

Modeling pt. 5

Arctic Bite Lighting


Project Overview

Lighting pt. 1

Lighting pt. 2

Lighting pt. 3

Lighting pt. 4

Lighting pt. 5

Arctic Bite Texturing


Project Overview

Texturing pt. 1

Texturing pt. 2

Texturing pt. 3

Texturing pt. 4

Texturing pt. 5

Texturing pt. 6

Texturing pt. 7

Arctic Bite Animation


Project Overview

Animation pt. 1

Animation pt. 2

Animation pt. 3


Resource Files

Course Wrap Up



About the Author

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