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Creating Basic Fonts with FontForge

  • Creating Basic Fonts with FontForge, Singapore elarning online course
  • Creating Basic Fonts with FontForge, Singapore elarning online course
  • Creating Basic Fonts with FontForge, Singapore elarning online course
  • Creating Basic Fonts with FontForge, Singapore elarning online course
  • Creating Basic Fonts with FontForge, Singapore elarning online course
  • Creating Basic Fonts with FontForge, Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

In this course, James Street shows you how to create basic fonts using the world's most powerful free and open source Unix-based font editor: FontForge. This course is designed from the ground up to be an entry point into Font Design, providing background design information for anyone wishing to take up the practice. James provides instruction on font anatomy, characteristics, and general design tips as well as a beginner friendly introduction to FontForge. The interface, workflow, and tools of FontForge are covered to help make sense of the mysterious art of font creation. The course leverages FontForge and related tools in conjunction with three different methods that can be used to create consistent and reliable fonts. The course also covers potential options for installing this powerful Unix-based tool on Mac and Windows systems.

Turn your scrawls into a font with FontForge!

- Learn how you can create your own fonts
- Know how to make your font unique with FontForge
- Add your own twist when creating your own font
- Learn how you can make different fonts just for your personal use

Course Objectives

1. Understand the course introduction to FontForge 
2. Able to install and configure software 
3. Know how to navigate the interface 
4. Understand how to create a font - parts, outlined path, hybrids 
5. Know how to refine and generate a font 

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About the Course

Preview Available


Introduction to Course

Target Audience

Course Overview

About FontForge

Preview Available


About FontForge

Font Formats & Encoding Types

Other Tools

Font Basics



Typeface Basics

Anatomy pt. 1

Anatomy pt. 2

Font Characteristics pt. 1

Font Characteristics pt. 2





Outlined Path



Installing Your Toolset



Install on Ubuntu

Mac Options

Windows Options


Run a LiveCD

Interface Fundamentals



Opening Existing Fonts

Font View

Outline Window

Metrics Window

Components of the Glyph pt. 1

Components of the Glyph pt. 2

Components of the Glyph pt. 3


Tools pt. 1

Tools pt. 2

Tools pt. 3

Tools pt. 4

Tools pt. 5



How to Create a Font: Parts


Diagonals pt. 1

Diagonals pt. 2

Diagonals pt. 3

The Final Letter: S


Getting Started


Vertical Stem

The Shoulder pt. 1

The Shoulder pt. 2

Saving Components

Similar Glyphs

Bowl Glyphs pt. 1

Bowl Glyphs pt. 2

Mixed Bowl & Stem



How to Create a Font: Outlined Paths



Laying Down the Paths pt. 1

Laying Down the Paths pt. 2

Laying Down the Paths pt. 3

Expanded Stroke Options pt. 1

Expanded Stroke Options pt. 2

Expanded Stroke Tweaking



How to Create a Font: Hybrid



Cleaning Up the Scanned Image pt. 1

Cleaning Up the Scanned Image pt. 2

To Autotrace or Not To Autotrace?

Manual Tracing

Inkscape pt. 1

Inkscape pt. 2

Refining & Generating Fonts



Validating Fonts pt. 1

Validating Fonts pt. 2

Advance Width pt. 1

Advance Width pt. 2

Lookups & Kerning

Creating Lookups & Kerning Pairs

Creating & Modifying Bitmap Strikes

Generating Fonts

Review & Wrap-up






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