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Joomla! 2.5: An Essential Management System

Joomla! 2.5: An Essential Management System, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course

Course Description

Joomla is a popular and highly functional content management system. Joomla is a mobile ready, responsive system that will adapt to user platforms and is extremely user friendly for both site users and site managers. In this VTC course, author Melanie Hedgespeth will show you how to install Joomla and work with the site from an administrative standpoint. From the administration side of Joomla you will learn how to handle users and permissions, increase Joomla functionality with extensions, change templates and most importantly how to keep your site secure and backed up.

Keep your back covered with Joomla!

- Learn how you can keep your page secure and backed up with Joomla
- Know how Joomla can play a constructive part in maintaining your page
- Learn how Joomla can prevent malicious acts on your page
​- Understand how Joomla's key functions can fend off attacks on your pages

This course is SkillsFuture Credit Eligible.

Course Objectives

1. Understand the introduction to Joomla 
2. Know how to utilize Joomla for page security 
3. Know how to create your site using Joomla 
4. Able to control content on your site using Joomla 

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Preview Available


Joomla! Overview

Reasons for Using Joomla

Requirements for Installation

Joomla! Basics

Preview Available



Software to Get Ready

Documentation and Demo

Joomla! Help


Joomla! Community

Search Tips

Thinking about a Site


Planning and Inspiration



Local Installation



Joomla! pt. 1

Joomla! pt. 2


Remote Installation


Web Host Install


Administrator Knowledge


Control Panel pt. 1

Control Panel pt. 2

Global Configuration pt. 1

Global Configuration pt. 2

Global Configuration pt. 3

Global Configuration pt. 4

Global Configuration pt. 5

Site Maintenance and Messaging

Profile and System Information

Menus and Toolbars within Managers

Super Admin Password Loss

phpMyAdmin Basics

Core Files

Category Manager


Categories pt. 1

Categories pt. 2

Categories pt. 3

Content: Articles


Content Editors


Articles pt. 1

Articles pt. 2

Articles pt. 3

Article Options pt. 1

Article Options pt. 2

Article Manager Options

Frontend Editing

Dealing with Other File Types

Content: Menus


Menu Manager pt. 1

Menu Manager pt. 2

Menu Manager pt. 3

Build a Menu pt. 1

Build a Menu pt. 2

Menu Item Options


Content: Images


Media Manager pt. 1

Media Manager pt. 2

Media Manager pt. 3

Media Manager Options

Background Images

Content: Contacts


Adding Contacts

Contact Form

Additional Contact Options

Content: Video


Video Module

Video Inside Articles

Home Page


Layout Options



Extensions Explained


Updating and Removing


Varying Templates within a Site

Template Options

Languages pt. 1

Languages pt. 2

Extensions: Components


Banners pt. 1

Banners pt. 2




Extensions: Modules


Login pt. 1

Login pt. 2

Latest News

Who is Online

Load Position



User Manager pt. 1

User Manager pt. 2

User Manager pt. 3

Access Control pt. 1

Access Control pt. 2

Search and Stats


Smart Search

Smart Search Menu Item

Joomla! Stats pt. 1

Joomla! Stats pt. 2

Reset Article Hits

Google Analytics pt. 1

Google Analytics pt. 2

Custom Modules





Background Images

Social Integration


Article Comments pt. 1

Article Comments pt. 2

Facebook pt. 1

Facebook pt. 2



Multi-Platform Access


Smartphones pt. 1

Smartphones pt. 2

Smartphones pt. 3





Site Map

Security and Updates



Security Issues


Database Backup




QR Codes pt. 1

QR Codes pt. 2

Basic Template Modification




Text Color


Text Type

Custom Error Page pt. 1

Custom Error Page pt. 2



Plug-ins Explained pt. 1

Plug-ins Explained pt. 2



Shopping pt. 1

Shopping pt. 2

Shopping pt. 3

Moving Local Install to Remote


Local to Remote pt. 1

Local to Remote pt. 2

Local to Remote pt. 3

Local to Remote pt. 4

Local to Remote pt. 5

Site Housekeeping





Course Wrap Up

Resource Files



About the Author

SkillsFuture Credit Eligible
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