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Utilize your Business Intelligence with Analytics

Utilize your Business Intelligence with Analytics, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course

Course Description

Data is the fuel that powers modern business and the ability to aggregate and quickly slice and dice data to make accurate, timely decisions is vital in today's environment. Business intelligence is the set of techniques and tools that transform raw, day-to-day, operational data into categorized, aggregated, useful information for fast business analysis purposes. Microsoft's business intelligence tools including SQL Server 2014, SQL Server Analysis Services, Visual Studio/SSDT and Excel provide end users with the power to perform self-service BI and it provides developers the tools they need to create enterprise level BI systems. In this course, Mark Long, teaches you how to work with these tools to create multidimensional data cubes and Microsoft's new tabular data model to provide BI services and help you prepare for Microsoft's certification exam 70-466 Implementing Data Models and Reports with SQL Server.

Data plays an integral part in understanding analysis.

- Learn how to maintain your database
- Know how you should sort your data in SQL Server
- Learn about the different functions of data warehouse
- Be able to handle and monitor the activity in your database

This course is eligible for SkillsFuture Credit.

Course Objectives

1. Understand about the concept of Business Intelligence 
2. Able to install, configure and navigate the interface of SQL Server 2014 
3. Understand about the purpose of having a functional data warehouse
4. Know the different ways of analyzing data using SQL Server 
5. Able to apply different operations and commands in queries 

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Welcome and Intro

Preview Available



Course Overview

Database Types

What is Business Intelligence?

BI Components

SQL Server Analysis Services

OLAP, Cubes, Etc.

About this Course

About the Exam

SQL Server 2014


SQL Server 2014 Editions

SQL Server Management Tools

SQL Server Data Tools

Integration Services

Analysis Services

Reporting Services

BI Clients

Data Quality Services

Master Data Services

Getting Set Up


What You Will Need

Hardware Requirements

Software Requirements

Getting SQL Server 2014

Getting Visual Studio Community 2013

Installing SQL Server 2014 pt. 1

Installing SQL Server 2014 pt. 2


Installing SSDT-BI

Tools Tour

Sample Databases

Installing Sample Databases pt. 1

Installing Sample Databases pt. 2

Working with Diagrams

SQL Server Connection Issue

Understanding Business Intelligence


BI Terminology pt. 1

BI Terminology pt. 2

Understanding BISM

BISM Architecture

Multidimensional vs. Tabular


Data Warehouse Basics


Dimensional Modeling

Fact Tables

Dimension Tables

Multidimensional Cube Development


Multidimensional Basics

Creating a Cube with SSDT

Creating a Cube Data Source

Creating a Data Source View pt. 1

Creating a Data Source View pt. 2

Making the Data User Friendly

Named Calculations

Creating the Cube

Creating Dimensions First

Formatting Output

Formatting Utility

Using the Dimension Designer

Understanding Attributes

Understanding Hierarchies pt. 1

Understanding Hierarchies pt. 2

User-Defined Hierarchies pt. 1

User-Defined Hierarchies pt. 2

Attribute Relationships

Creating Attribute Relationships pt. 1

Creating Attribute Relationships pt. 2

Defining Calculated Members pt. 1

Defining Calculated Members pt. 2

Understanding KPIs

Creating a KPI pt. 1

Creating a KPI pt. 2


Creating Aggregations



Multidimensional Queries


MDX Basics pt. 1

MDX Basics pt. 2

MDX Structure pt. 1

MDX Structure pt. 2


Using TopCount

Tabular Model Development


SSAS Tabular Basics

Creating a Tabular Project

Importing Data

Creating Measures

Analyze in Excel Button

Deploying a Tabular Model

Calculated Columns

Creating Hierarchies pt. 1

Creating Hierarchies pt. 2

Creating Hierarchies pt. 3

DAX Basics

Calculated Column or Measure


Creating KPIs

Course Wrap Up


Course Wrap Up

About the Author


About the Author

SkillsFuture Credit Eligible
SGD $45.00
(Price excludes GST)
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