Master Android's KitKat Operating System

  • Master Android's KitKat Operating System , Singapore elarning online course
  • Master Android's KitKat Operating System , Singapore elarning online course
  • Master Android's KitKat Operating System , Singapore elarning online course
  • Master Android's KitKat Operating System , Singapore elarning online course
  • Master Android's KitKat Operating System , Singapore elarning online course
  • Master Android's KitKat Operating System , Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

Android is the world's most popular mobile operating system, with KitKat being the most exciting release yet. This course is designed to take beginners, who are new to the mobile space or migrating from another ecosystem, and familiarize them with all the basic tools and features Android provides. First, we will overview how to use your device, including gestures, keyboard usage and quick system preferences. Next, we will dive into more detailed system settings so you can customize accessibility and a host of other features. After that, the series will overview how to use a handful of built-in apps as well as learn how to add third party apps using a couple different methods. Finally, we will learn how to root a Nexus 7, unlocking its potential, which is a template you can apply to your own Android devices.

Learn more about android and be fluent in it!

- Know more about Android operating system
- Learn about the features and functions in Android
- Stay updated with the latest trend in technology
- Know more about the latest changes in operating systems

Course Objectives

1. Understand the interface of an Android operating system
2. Understand about built-in applications
3. Able to identify the applications and features available in the operating system 
4. Know the different purpose of each feature 
5. Know how to root Nexus 7 

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Getting Started

Preview Available



About Android OS

The Fracturing of the OS

Updating Your Device

Basic Gestures

Home/Back and Application View

The Keyboard

Quick Words with the Keyboard

Viewing Notifications

Quick Settings

Accessing Applications

Organizing and Uninstalling Apps

Adding and Removing Apps from the Dock

Setting Up Your Network Settings


Other Network Settings

Printing from a Phone or Tablet

Adjusting Wi-Fi Connection

Adjusting Bluetooth Devices

Viewing Data App Usage

Tweaking Your Device Settings


Configuring OS Sounds

Changing Attributes of the Display

Changing Your Wallpaper

Viewing Storage for Files

Viewing Battery Life Options

Closing Running Applications

Adding and Changing User Profiles

Tap & Pay

Adjusting Personal Settings


Location Services

Making Changes to Security Settings

Language and Keyboard Settings

Voice Search and Dictation

Backing up App Data and Resetting Device

Viewing Connected Application Accounts

Configuring System Settings


Making Changes to Date and Time

Activating TalkBack

Adjusting Other Accessibility Settings

Printing Services

About Your Tablet

Working with Built-in Applications


Navigating with Chrome

Adjusting Settings in Chrome

Reading and Writing in Gmail

Accessing Gmail Settings

Chatting with Hangouts

Switching Settings in Hangouts

Interacting in Google+

Setting Up Circles in Google+

Other Settings in Google+ pt. 1

Other Settings in Google+ pt. 2

Browsing Google Drive

Writing with QuickOffice

Navigating with Maps

Capturing Moments with the Camera

Viewing and Editing Photos

Other Photo Options

Alternative Photo Interaction with Gallery

Reading with Play Books

Shopping with Play Books

Media Consumption with YouTube

Monitoring Time with Clock

Referencing Your Contacts with People

Downloading Content to Your Device


Browsing the Google Play Store

Your Apps and Wishlist

Apps from Third Party Websites

Media from the Internet

Connecting Your Device to Windows

Connecting Your Device to Mac

Recommended Apps for Download





X-Plore File Manager



Google Wallet

Other Device Uses


Using Built in Widgets

Downloading and Installing Widgets

Introduction to Google Now

Voice Commands with Google Now

Rooting a Nexus 7


What is Rooting?

Downloading the Toolkit

Enabling USB Debugging

Backing Up Your Device

Selecting the Device Drivers

Unlocking the Device

Rooting the Device

Reinstating a Backup

Unrooting a Device



Course Wrap Up



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