• AutoCAD P&ID 2016: Develop your Innovations

    AutoCAD P&ID 2016: Develop your Innovations

    CADLearning for AutoCAD® P&ID 2016 teaches the use of AutoCAD P&ID 2016 as a tool for engineers in the power and process industry. You will gain all the necessary skills needed to complete a system design using the program. Lessons cover adding intelligent symbology to create process and instrumentation diagrams; annotating and validating a P&ID; project management tools to help speed up design; analysis tools for optimal system performance; and collaboration tools. Master design and architecture with the help of Autodesk.   - Discover the different types of Autodesk applications - Learn about the functions in each application and how to apply them ‚Äč- Sift out the different product to find which one suits your project - Navigate the tools and features like a professional at the end of this course This course is SkillsFuture Credit Eligible.

  • Creating Basic Fonts with FontForge

    Creating Basic Fonts with FontForge

    In this course, James Street shows you how to create basic fonts using the world's most powerful free and open source Unix-based font editor: FontForge. This course is designed from the ground up to be an entry point into Font Design, providing background design information for anyone wishing to take up the practice. James provides instruction on font anatomy, characteristics, and general design tips as well as a beginner friendly introduction to FontForge. The interface, workflow, and tools of FontForge are covered to help make sense of the mysterious art of font creation. The course leverages FontForge and related tools in conjunction with three different methods that can be used to create consistent and reliable fonts. The course also covers potential options for installing this powerful Unix-based tool on Mac and Windows systems. Turn your scrawls into a font with FontForge!- Learn how you can create your own fonts- Know how to make your font unique with FontForge- Add your own twist when creating your own font - Learn how you can make different fonts just for your personal use 

  • Adobe After Effects CS6

    Adobe After Effects CS6

    Adobe After Effects has been the industry-standard special effects compositing application and this latest release is no exception. Version CS 6 introduces a wide range of exciting new features including the 3D Camera Tracker, 2D Vector Layers, Rolling Shutter Repair, Bend 2D Layers, Global Performance Cache, SpeedGrade LUT Import, Ray Trace Renderer, and Variable-Width Mask Feathering. In this VTC course, author and expert Dwayne Ferguson will cover all that and more so that you can get started building visually compelling comps and effects in no time. Learn how to create and edit using powerful tools like Adobe After Effects. - Learn the tools and techniques of Adobe After Effects CS6- Know how you can apply these features into your projects - Discover ways to further improve your video editing skills - Learn how you can ceate powerful content with Adobe After Effects This course is SkillsFuture Credit eligible.

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    • Adobe Illustrator and Creative Cloud

      Adobe Illustrator and Creative Cloud

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      Course Description

      Adobe Illustrator is a program used by both artists and graphic designers to create vector images. These images will then be used for company logos, promotional uses or even personal work, both in print and digital form. Work with the Pathfinder Panel, create and manipulate blends and set your work apart with powerful 3D effects. Design artwork that includes images, illustrations, and type for use in print or any and all digital spaces. Adobe Creative Cloud serves as a service offered from Adobe Systems that gives users access to a collection of software developed by Adobe for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, and cloud services. Produce your best piece and have a place to store them. - Learn the basics and advanced training for Adobe Illustrator for PC and MAC- Learn how Adobe Creative Cloud can prevent important files from going missing- Know the different functions and features in Illustrator and Creative Cloud - Know how you can apply these tools and techniques into your own projectsThis course is SkillsFuture Credit Eligible.