Apple Motion 5

  • Apple Motion 5, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • Apple Motion 5, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • Apple Motion 5, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • Apple Motion 5, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • Apple Motion 5, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • Apple Motion 5, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course

Course Description

This VTC course will guide you through some of the powerful new features included in Apple Motion 5. You will learn about the new Parameter Rigs, pulling keys from green screen, luma keys, animation, behaviors, filters, and much more. Professional illustrator, television animation art director, and writer Dwayne Ferguson will really give you an in-depth look at the latest version of this powerful software. Work files are included.

Create visually dyanimc 2D and 3D effects.

- Learn how Apple Motion can help to create animated graphics
- Know more on how to create your own graphics with Apple Motion
- Learn the different tools and techniques available in Apple Motion
- Follow through the course and know how to make your own animations come true

This course is SkillsFuture Credit Eligible.

Course Objectives

1. Understand the introduction to Apple Motion 5
2. Know how to navigate the interface of Apple Motion 5
3. Know what are the different tools and techniques available in Apple Motion 5
4. Able to apply tools and techniques such as - types, drawings, animations, filters and effects

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Preview Available


New in Motion 5



Preview Available




File Browser



The Hud

Color Picker






Import Content






Transform Glyph

Type on a Path



Pen Tool

Edit Points

Masks pt. 1

Masks pt. 2



Key Filter

Luma Keys





Keyframe Editor


Rulers and Markers

Behaviors pt. 1

Behaviors pt. 2

Filters and Effects


Filters pt. 1

Filters pt. 2

Particles pt. 1

Particles pt. 2

Particles pt. 3



Replicators pt. 1

Replicators pt. 2

Replicators pt. 3



Create a Rig pt. 1

Create a Rig pt. 2

Publish Rigs



Work with Templates

Create Templates

External Applications


Motion and Photoshop

Motion and Illustrator



Social Networks

Export Options

Project: Cave Collapse


Project Overview

Cave Collapse pt. 1

Cave Collapse pt. 2

Cave Collapse pt. 3

Cave Collapse pt. 4

Cave Collapse pt. 5

Cave Collapse pt. 6

Cave Collapse pt. 7

Cave Collapse pt. 8

Cave Collapse pt. 9

Cave Collapse pt. 10

Cave Collapse pt. 11

Cave Collapse pt. 12

Cave Collapse pt. 13

Project: Twister Logo


Project Overview







Letters pt. 1

Letters pt. 2



Project: 65 Million Years


Project Overview

Color Correction

Using Shapes

The Sun

Light Rays


Project: HUD


Project Overview

HUD pt. 1

HUD pt. 2

HUD pt. 3

HUD pt. 4

HUD pt. 5

HUD pt. 6

HUD pt. 7

HUD pt. 8

HUD pt. 9

HUD pt. 10

HUD pt. 11



Course Wrap Up

Resource Files



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SkillsFuture Credit Eligible
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