Introduction to IPv6

  • Introduction to IPv6, Singapore elarning online course
  • Introduction to IPv6, Singapore elarning online course
  • Introduction to IPv6, Singapore elarning online course
  • Introduction to IPv6, Singapore elarning online course
  • Introduction to IPv6, Singapore elarning online course
  • Introduction to IPv6, Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

IPv6 is the next generation of the suite of protocols that make the Internet possible. By mid 2011, the available TCP/IP addresses will be exhausted and moving from IPv4 to IPv6 will no longer be a good idea, it will be an absolute requirement. Marketers are quick to announce that ’IPv6 provides integrated and interoperable technologies to enable exciting new scenarios for personal and enterprise computing.’ IT technicians and administrators fully understand that first and foremost, IPv6 will be a technical challenge. Re-building a 747 airliner while it is still in flight is one way to look at it. In this course, Mark Long will teach you the new concepts, terminologies, and processes of IPv6 to help you get ready for this exciting, albeit challenging, new functionality.

Be informed on the latest changes of Internet Protocol.

- Know the difference between IPv6 and the version before it
- Understand the IPv6 Structure
- Learn about IPv6 Protocol Structure and Addressing
- Know about security in using IPv6

Course Objectives

1. Understand the basics of networking 
2. Understand what is IPv6 and its purpose
3. Able to identify the differences between IPv6 and IPv4
4. Know IPv6 Protocol Structure and Addressing 
5. Understand the interoperability of IPv6 
6. Know the different components in IPv6 

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Course Objectives

Course Structure

Evolution of the Internet

What is TCP/IP?

Where We Are

Decimal / Binary / Hex

Hexadecimal Basics

Command Window Shortcut

IPv6 and IPv4


Why IPv6?

IPv6 Improvements

History of IPv6

IPv6 Basics

IPv6 Terminology

From Here to There

Current OS Support

IPv6 Protocol Structure


IPv6 Packet Structure

Header Structure

IPv6 Header Fields

Extension Headers

IPv6 Addressing


Address Notation Comparison

Using the Calculator

Address Types

Global Unicast Address

Local-Use Unicast Addresses

Link-Local Unicast Address

Site-Local Unicast Address

Local-Use Zone IDs

Unique Local Addresses

Special IPv6 Addresses

Multicast Address

Transition Addresses

Obtaining an Address

Address Privacy

Auto-Configured Address States



IPv4 and IPv6 Coexistence

Dual Stack Techniques

Tunneling Techniques pt. 1

Tunneling Techniques pt. 2

Tunneling Technologies



ISATAP Overview

ISATAP Addressing

ISATAP Components

ISATAP Example



6to4 Overview

6to4 Addressing

6to4 Components

6to4 Example



Teredo Overview

Understanding NAT

Teredo Addressing

Teredo Components

Teredo Example

Security in IPv6


Security Threats

IPv6 Security Considerations

Automatically Assigned Addresses

IPv6 Packets on the Wire

Host Protection

Control of Network Traffic

IPv6 Security and Other Services

IPv6 Security Concerns



ICMPv6 Basics

ICMPv6 Error Messages

Error Message Code Types

ICMPv6 Informational Messages

Understanding Path MTU

Neighbor Discovery


What Neighbor Discovery Is

Who Uses Neighbor Discovery?

Neighbor Discovery Messages

Router Solicitation

Router Advertisement

Neighbor Solicitation

Neighbor Advertisement

Neighbor Discovery Redirect

Neighbor Discovery Caches

Neighbor Reachability States



DHCPv6 Basics

New in DHCPv6

Stateful or Stateless

Pros and Cons

IPv6 Interface Identifiers


IPv6 Interface Identifiers

EUI-64 Based IID

Link-Layer Based IID

Temporary Random IID

Permanent Random IID

Manual & DHCPv6 IID


Resource Files

Course Wrap Up



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  • Languages English
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