QuickBooks 2012

  • QuickBooks 2012, Singapore elarning online course
  • QuickBooks 2012, Singapore elarning online course
  • QuickBooks 2012, Singapore elarning online course
  • QuickBooks 2012, Singapore elarning online course
  • QuickBooks 2012, Singapore elarning online course
  • QuickBooks 2012, Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

Acquire the skills that are in high demand by learning to use the popular QuickBooks accounting software for small and mid-sized businesses. In this VTC course, Lauri Matson shares tips and examples from her extensive experience with QuickBooks. Learn how QuickBooks can help manage your business through tracking of purchase orders, inventory, invoices, receipts, and statements. Discover how easy it is to reconcile your checking account, track your payables, and generate reports. As you master the basics, you'll also learn how to deal with tricky situations and troubleshoot complicated entries.

As you master the basics, you'll learn how to deal with tricky situations.

- Learn how to tackle your accounts with QuickBooks
- Know how you can avoid tricky accounting conflicts
- Take advantage of the cloud-based platform for your accounts

Course Objectives

1. Understand the basics of accounting in QuickBooks 
2. Understand basics of Accounting 
3. Know the features of QuickBooks
4. Know how to apply QuickBooks tools such as - setting up inventory, simplifying your banking, collecting and paying sales tax 

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Getting Started

Preview Available


QuickBooks Course Objectives

Versions of QuickBooks

Getting Around in QuickBooks

Preview Available


The Home Page

Customizing Your Toolbars

Items for Customization

Understanding Preferences

More Preferences

Setting Up QuickBooks


The Easy Step Interview

Advanced Setup pt. 1

Advanced Setup pt. 2

Accounting 101


The Accounting Process

Basics of the Balance Sheet

Basics of Income & Cash Flow

QuickBooks Balance Sheet

QuickBooks Income Statement

QuickBooks Statement of Cash Flow

Understanding the Chart of Accounts


The Chart of Account Listing

Creating New Accounts

Editing & Exploring

Working With Lists


Introduction to Lists

Customer Center

Vendor Center


Employee Center

Simplifying Your Banking


Using Registers

Deposits & Withdrawals

Transferring Between Accounts

Reconciling Your Accounts

Reconciling Loan Balances

Credit Cards

Other Considerations

Setting up Inventory


Using the Inventory Features

Planning Your Inventory System

Entering Inventory pt. 1

Entering Inventory pt. 2

Other Items

Working with Inventory


Receiving Inventory

Entering a Bill for Inventory

Taking a Physical Inventory

Inventory Adjustments

Collecting & Paying Sales Tax


Sales Tax Setup

Applying Tax to a Sale

Reconciling Your Sales Tax Liability

Paying Your Taxes

Jobs & Customers


Using Job Reports

Understanding the Data

Creating Estimates


Setting Up Estimates

Changing Estimates to Invoices

Using Estimate Reports

Sales Orders


Sales Order vs. Purchase Orders

Entering a Purchase Order

Item Information

Understanding the Process

Entering Invoices


Sales Receipts

Creating an Invoice

Recording a Payment

Discounts & Credits

Changes & Estimates

Receiving Payments


Recording Customer Payments

Customer Balance & A/R Reports

Partial Payments & History

Making Deposits

Credit Card Deposits

Miscellaneous Receipts

Writing a Check


Entering Checks

Expenses vs. Items

Check Reports

Finding Information

Entering & Paying Bills



Paying Bills

Applying a Credit

Reports for Tracking Bills

Reporting Financial Data


Report Center

Customizing pt. 1

Customizing pt. 2

Memorizing Reports

Entering Payroll


Overview of Payroll

Establishing the Accounts

Payroll Items

Entering a New Item

Setting Up Employees

Employee Compensation

Running Payroll

Payroll Reports

Tracking Time


Weekly Timesheets

Single Activity Time

Billing Time on Invoices

Finding Unbilled Hours

Customizing Forms


About QuickBooks Forms

Working with Form Templates

Editing & Basic Customization

Additional Customization

Creating Your Own Template

The Layout Designer


Using the Layout Properties Button

Working in the Layout Designer

More Designer Touches

Integrating QuickBooks with Other Products


Exporting to Microsoft Excel

Payroll Reports in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Word Letters



Course Wrap Up



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