A Crash Course in Typography From A to Z

A Crash Course in Typography From A to Z, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course

Course Description

This course has been created for anyone who loves typography design; print designers, graphic and web designers, animators, sign writers, and many more. Each section the course includes its own walkthrough exercises so that you can put the skills you have learned to practical use. You'll start off by learning all of the terminology regarding typography (tracking, leading, kerning) and font classifications, and then you'll examine concepts like how fonts impact a message, and how fonts are used in different media like advertising, web, print, logos, and so on. Finally, you will cover the essentials of digital publishing before concluding. By the end of this course, you have both a theoretical and a literal understanding of typography, from how it is used to where it used to why it is used, and of course you'll gain a solid groundwork in the practical uses of typography too.

Gain a strong foundation on your Typography game!

- Learn about the different software available and used
- Learn about the factors and considerations of typography
- Know how to develop and create your own fonts
- Discover the impact of using proper fonts in your articles and banners

This course is Skillsfuture Credit Eligible.

Course Objectives

1. Understand typography fundamentals
2. Apply typography principles digital media
3. Apply typography principles print media
4. Be able to create outstanding text-based logos and designs

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Course introduction 

First typography exercise

Exercise walkthrough Part 1

Exercise walkthrough Part 2


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Introduction to Vocabulary

Introduction to Kerning

Introduction to Tracking

Cleaning Up Paragraphs

Introduction to Leading-1

Introduction to Leading-2

Fonts V Typefaces

Manipulating Type with Illustrator

Manipulating Type with Photoshop

Manipulating Type with InDesign

Vocabulary Recap

Introduction to Typography Tools



Introduction to Classifications

Standard Classifications Part 1

Standard Classifications Part 2

Classifications of Fonts Part 1

Classifications of Fonts Part 2

Classification Recap

Classification Quiz

User Experience


Intro to UX

How fonts Impact a Message

How user Perceive a brand and True Purpose Part 2

UX exercise

UX Exercise Walkthrough

UX recap

How user Perceive a brand and True Purpose Part 1

Typography for Advertising


App type Introduction

Print vs web

Point size of apps


App font styles-weights

Font vs web assets

App Recap

App exercise introduction

App exercise walkthrough

Adverts, web and print


Type in ads introduction

How text makes the sell

Foreign languages

Balancing text and images

Web vs. print advertising

Web advertising exercise

Web advertising exercise walkthrough

Advertising recap

Typography for logos


Logo introduction

Logo bonus lecture

Plain text logos

Altered Type Logos

Logo with graphics

Logo project introduction

Logo exercise walkthrough

Logo recap

Print and type


Type in print introduction

Understanding print mediums

Sending files to printer

Food Ad truck introduction

Food Ad truck walkthrough

Type in print recap



Digital publishing intro

Preparing files for digital use

Digital publishing is a combination

Digital publishing exercise introduction

Digital publishing exercise walkthrough

Digital Publishing recap

End discussions


Course Conclusion

Additional resources

Final Notes

Type Final Part 1

Type Final Part 2

SkillsFuture Credit Eligible
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