Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

  • Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course

Course Description

The Microsoft Office suite of applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access) allows users to customize views or output, but the processing performed by the applications cannot be changed. However, Microsoft provides an interface in which the user can create customized processing. The language used for this customized processing is based on a computer programming language called Visual Basic. The Microsoft programming environment, called Visual Basic for Applications, has a special format and syntax that must be followed in order for the computer to properly perform the work. This VTC course describes the reserved keywords, structures, and language aspects that a user would need to know in order to create customized processing for Microsoft Office applications. Work Files are included.

Find out more about Microsoft's productivity tools!

- Learn and understand the purpose of Microsoft's tools
- Know more about the functionality and features of each application
- Learn about functions that you never knew existed in Microsoft's tools
- Be fluent and an efficient user in Microsoft tools by the end of this course

This course is SkillsFuture Credit Eligible.

Course Objectives

1. Know and understand the basics of Microsoft Visual 
2. Know how to navigate the interface and tools pane 
3. Understand about Data Variables and Loops
4. Understand about Macros, VBA Expressions and Dialog boxes 
5. Knows about Conditional Processing 
7. Know how to test your work 

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What VBA Is

What This Course Is About

VBA vs. Visual Basic

Using the VBA Editor

Data and Variables


Data Types

Storage and Data Sizes

Declaring Variables

Variable Names

Putting Values in Variables

Creating Constants

String Variables

Handy String Functions

What an Array Is

Creating Arrays

Resizing Arrays

2-Dimensional Arrays

Sample Variables

Using Macros


Macro Recording

Recording a Macro

Running a Macro

Editing a Macro

Help in VBA

Application Object

VBA Expressions

Preview Available


Simple Arithmetic Operators

Advanced Arithmetic Operators

Comparison Operators

Logical Operators

Order of Operations

Mathematical Expressions

Using Functions in Formulas

Mathematical Functions

Conversion Functions

String Functions

Finding Words in Strings

Replacing and Comparing Strings

Sample Expressions

Working with Dates

Date Functions

Dialog Boxes


User Interaction

Using Message Boxes

Format Options

Results of Message Boxes

Using Input Boxes

Functions and Procedures


Creating a Subroutine

Understanding Parameters

Parameter Passing

Function vs Procedure

Return Statement

Sample Function AVE

Arrays as Parameters

Conditional Processing


What Conditional Processing Is

IF Block

Complex Conditions

Nested IFs and Elseif

Using IF in Coin Toss

Sample Function MIN

Multiple Outcomes


Multiple CASE Statements

Conditional Functions



Parts of a Loop

Infinite Loops



FOR Loops

Running Arrays

Update AVE Function

Sample Array Sort

Sample Swap Routine

Tracing FOR Loops

Step Value in For Loops

EXIT Statement

Testing Your Work


The Debug Environment

Seeing Values

Stepping Through Code


Finding and Fixing Errors


Resource Files

What We Learned

Planning for your VBA Code



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